Friday, 29 April 2016


Didalam buku Inspired People Produce Results ada menceritakan tentang seorang posmen, nama dia Fred yang telah memberi inspirasi kepada seorang penduduk yang baru berpindah ke kawasan tempat dia menghantar surat. Penduduk yang baru itu adalah seorang profesional speaker dan setiap kali dia bagi talk di seluruh negara dia akan cerita tentang Fred.
Apa yang Fred buat sampai boleh memberi kesan yang mendalam kepada Mark ni sampai nama Fred sentiasa disebut-sebut? Dan mark telah menulis buku tentang Fred; The Fred Factor,published 2004: national bestseller. (boleh cari buku ni..)
Based on pengalaman Mark dengan Fred, ada 4 perkara perlu ada jika kita nak inspire other people around us:
1. Inspire, but don't intimidate.
Fred is not inherently extraordinary or superhuman. He is someone we can all relate to. He is an ordinary guy doing an ordinary job an extraordinary way. Your behaviour at work should be like this.
2. Involve
Draw others into your effort to encourage, serve and inspire. when you involve others, your impact grows exponentially.
3. Initiate
If you decide to wait for just the right moment, you will be waiting a long time. Take a bold and quick action. Be humble in your motives but not in your example. when you initiate, you are the spark that lights a fire in others.
4. Improvise
when your staff sees you keeping a positive attitude and trying new solutions even when everything falling apart, they're likely to be inspired to rally around you.

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